Lillian Girls Academy is where the series takes place.



The Lillian Academy campus facilities includes a church, greenhouse, auditorium, kendo dojo, the Rose Mansion, and a Virgin Mary statue.

Student GovernmentEdit

Lillian's student government is known as the Yamayuri Council, meaning "Mountain Lily Council". Though there are eight members of the council throughout the series, it is usually comprised of nine students. In the place of typical council office titles, rose names are used instead. The leader is known as Rosa Chinensis.


Though the Lillian uniforms look green, they are black. It is a one-piece with a low-waist plaited skirt, and an ivory sailor collar tied in a bow. Both the skirt and sleeves vary in length depending on the season. Threefold white socks and ballet-style leather shoes are worn to complete a traditional look.


  • "Gokigenyou" is used to greet other students.
  • The students pray before the Virgin Mary statue every morning and before they leave for the day.
  • The soeur system is used.
  • The students are encouraged to walk slowly as rushing is unladylike.


Students of Lillian Girls' Academy generally took a circulation bus from M Train Station's North Exit at JR town to get to school.


Lillian has two neighboring schools: Hanadera Academy, a private boys school, and Lillian Girls University.