Chinensis Sisters

The Chinensis sisters. From left to right: Youko, Yumi, and Sachiko.

The Yamayuri Council is comprised of three rose families: Red, White, and Yellow. The red rose meaning in Hanakotoba, the Japanese language of flowers, is "love".


The red rose hierachy titles in descending order are

  • Rosa Chinensis (Yamayuri Council Leader)
  • Rosa Chinensis en bouton
  • Rosa Chinensis en bouton petite soeur

At the beginning of the series Yoko is Rosa Chinensis, Sachiko is Rosa Chinensis en bouton, and Yumi is Rosa Chinensis en bouton petite soeur.


The rose families have different characteristics that are representative of their family namesake. The sisters either have similiar personalities or they relate to each other in a special way. The red rose family is said to be elegant, conservative, and majestic. They are motherly and romantic in nature, and they take their sisterhood seriously. They are natural leaders and are confident, but at times are very insecure. They are very different people behind their royal facade.


  • Most notable is the "skinship" between Sachiko and Yumi. She's always unecessarily straightening Yumi's bow on her uniform, which is considered to be very affectionate considering that's how they met.
  • Yoko is constantly pressuring Sachiko to do things to make her more sociable.