Tsutako Takeshima

Tsutako Takeshima

Tsutako is a member of the Photography Club at Lillian. Her talent for being at the right place at the right time has allowed her to capture some of the school's more intimate moments on film. She sometimes helps out with the school newspaper, but isn't the type of person who'd carelessly supply them with photos without considering the consequences of her actions.



Yumi's friend and avid photographer, she is the "ace" of the Photography Club and helps out sometimes for the school's newspaper. Never without her camera, she is always looking to capture the latest gossip about the Yamayurikai, and swears she can never be tied down to having a sœur of her own. She is sharp and constantly on the standby for the best shot; and with a quick brain and tongue to match, she often provides the emotional support and advice for Yumi. She sometimes unexpectedly defuses a few tensions within the Yamayurikai with her camera.