Yellow Rose Family

The Foetida sisters. From left to right: Eriko Torii, Rei Hasekura, and Yoshino Shimazu.

The Yamayuri Council is comprised of three rose families: Red, White, and Yellow. The yellow rose meaning in Hanakotoba, the Japanese language of flowers, is "jealousy".


The yellow rose hierachy titles in descending order are

  • Rosa Foetida
  • Rosa Foetida en bouton
  • Rosa Foetida en bouton petite soeur

At the beginning of the series Eriko is Rosa Foetida, Rei is Rosa Foetida en bouton, and Yoshino is Rosa Foetida en bouton petite soeur.


The rose families have different characteristics that are representative of their family namesake. The sisters either have similiar personalities or they relate to each other in a special way. The yellow rose family exhibits jealousy and contrary personalities as they're not at all what they seem. "Sibling rivalry" is very present in this family as Eriko and Yoshino fight over Rei. That being said there is much animosity and tension amongst the Foetida sisters.


  • Yoshino is immediately jealous whenever anyone gets near Rei.
  • Eriko and Yoshino have a competitive relationship as they're both vying for Rei's attention. They see each other as eternal rivals.
  • Rei is jealous when Yoshino finds a little sister.